A Day Of Near Perfect Moontides
      Chaos Clinic for 5/7/2021

The chart above shows the near perfect MoonTide forecast on 5/3/2021.
The green line is the MoonTide forecast, and the white and magenta bars are
the 3 minute bars of the S&P futures. The forecast was clearly very good.

What is extra ordinary about this is the manner in which the MoonTides are computed.
First, the MoonTide calculation does not use any S&P data as input. So it is not
a case of "extract the cycles, then extend them to make a forecast."

Rather, the MoonTide calculation is based on the theory that the universe has
a universal electric field, and all human activity, including trading, is affected by
this field. This is my basic theory of Market Astrophysics.

Humans are created with what I call a "natal antenna" which makes the person sensitive to
energy coming from specific directions. This can be modeled by computing the energy flow
between the universal field and the natal antenna. The planets move in the universal field,
concentrating it at their positions. So the current planets determine the direction from
which the current field energy is coming from. One can compute the energy transfer from
current transmitters to natal receivers. It's all one big radio system.

My XGO forecast method does this calculation on a one point per day basis. This method
works for individuals, or for collections of people, such as those who trade a particular
market such as the S&P.

MoonTides do a minute by minute computation, which incorporates not only the positions of the
planets, but also the fact that the rotating Earth moves the New York Stock Exchange past all
planets in 24 hours. Since the only inputs are the natal date and the current planetary positions
the forecast can be computed AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY TIME IN THE FUTURE.

The MoonTides are not always as accurate as the one shown. But it is an amazing result, since it
was computed months ago, but could have been computed at any time in the past. This is strong
evidence that the theory of Market Astrophysics holds water.

I'm always working to improve the MoonTides. So I looked at the ephemeris to help me understand
why this day was so good. The ephemeris wheel is shown below the chart. It shows that on 5/3/2021.
the Moon (T) was conjoin Saturn (S) and square (90 degrees) the Sun (H) and Uranus (U). It was also
trine (120 degrees) the Moon's Node (O). Note 120/30=4 and 90/30=3. So that day there was a 4:3 chord,
right out of the musical scale. I think that harmony helped produce the smooth fit of prices to the MoonTides.

One can watch the 24 hour MoonTides on the SPKISS chart on

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

5/7/2021 2:01:16 PM MT qq:: Said that to tempt market to prove me wrong.
5/7/2021 1:54:08 PM MT qq:: We're never ever going down again.
5/7/2021 12:40:49 PM MT Al****:: not a lot of juice left - calling it a day-thanks for coming
see you next week-take some courses
5/7/2021 11:35:14 AM MT ..:: You said before AL a double moon day is usually volatile.
5/7/2021 11:02:02 AM MT Al****:: I think it holds up as Moon-Moon. Seems to be on red -Tide
5/7/2021 10:52:05 AM MT TG****:: Dr AL, any sense of how the two moon day will play out.
5/7/2021 8:48:27 AM MT Al****:: srt: I am not seeing a fireball top - that double top failed
got up move in normal session with energy coming from the T000 Moon timeline
5/7/2021 7:33:02 AM MT srt:: Hi Al do you see fireball top in sp500 or there is more upside left?
5/7/2021 7:24:49 AM MT Al****:: yesterday's late rally was in anticipation of a good jobs report, which turned out to be a disappointment
note on Secret->esnat360 double top with last week
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