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How eMylar Came About

From my Jan 7, 2009 Weekly Email:

I have not held a Chaos Clinic for 3 Fridays, because I took some vacation time. Even though I'm supposedly retired, I find far too much to do. God keeps giving me work assignments.

In early November, His "voice within me" told me I HAD to go to the bookstore and get YET ANOTHER C++ programming book ( I have a pile of them ). Along with the voice was a picture of where the book was on the shelf.

I almost missed it, but it was there. I saw it when I stood up to leave, right where the picture showed. It is a book that covers programming Windows applications in C++ both in the "old" (MFC) and the new (.Net) way. I've been working this year to learn the new way, so as not to become obsolete.

When I tried the first example, I discovered that I could easily create something I had always wanted - a software version of the mylar overlays I use in my Cash In On Chaos, Fractal of Pi, Face of God, and Chaos Trading Made Easy courses. I call this Electronic Mylar (trade mark);

Since then I have found these new tools to be a major advancement in using my stuff. They put Market AstroPhysics and Market Chaos Theory ON STEROIDS!

On Christmas Day, GOD told me I should share these new tools with the students who have taken or will take my courses. This turned out to be a major programming task, taking me from December 26th until yesterday. So I got little vacation.

The net result is that if you go to, you will see a blinking banner on the right side announcing the new Electronic Mylar programs. If you click on that banner, you will be taken to my catalog page. If you scroll down to the Courses section, you will see a description of the new tools, and a link to download a FREE DEMO VERSION. Once you download it, you can run it using Windows Explorer.

If you don't know how to run a program using Windows Explorer - learn how, but DO NOT CALL ME.

Then, If you have taken any of my courses, just run your MTReader, access each course, and follow the links to download the programs for that course.

Your cost for this MAJOR UPGRADE to your courses - nothing, unless of course, you would like to sent me a testimonial email.

If you think these tools have real value, take whatever amount you think a program is worth, go to the grocery store, buy that amount of canned or non perishable food, and drive it to your nearest food bank. Carry it in and leave it. Do not give your name. Do not tell anyone that you did this. God will know.