Yes You Can... Cash In On Chaos!
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MoneyTide Reader

The MoneyTide Reader is a special, secure web browser that lets you take my online courses. To run it, you must be running a Windows machine, and have the latest version of Internet Explorer installed. It does not need to be your main browser, just installed. This reader is used for all my online courses. To get you started, I am offering a free course.

  • Trading The Chaos Clamshell________________________________TTCC___Free

    This online minicourse is designed to give you the public view of a fractal pattern called The Chaos Clamshell. The more detailed confidential and secret versions are taught in the Cash In On Chaos and Fractal of Pi courses.

    To access this course you need to

    1. Be in our database. To see if you are already in it, try to login. If you are not in the database, you will be given the opportunity to add yourself to the database.

    2. Download the Moneytide Reader.

    This is a standard Windows installation program named MTReaderSetup. Save it to your desktop or in a directory of your choosing, then double click on it to install the MTReader. It will install MTReader in c:\Micromedia. During the install, it is suggested that you check the box to create a desktop icon. You can then run the MoneyTide reader just by double clicking on its icon. Click here for download

    After installation, you can delete the MTReaderSetup icon from your desktop.

    You are authorized one MoneyTide Reader. It submits your computer's disk and CPU serial numbers to my server. The first time you do this, they are registered under your name. After that, you just use the reader. If you change computers, you can re-register by clearing your MTReader entry, installing the MTReader on your new computer, and running it once to register it.

    4. After you are in our database, you can register the reader for the first time, using the information you provided to our database.

    5. Close the reader and run it again. It will guide you to the Trading The Chaos Clamshell course.

    The MoneyTide Reader is required for all of the online courses. Doing this free course gets you set up.